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Saturday 30 July 2011

News: Susanne Gervay wins the 2011 Australian Family Therapists' Award

Great news just in! The wonderful Susanne Gervay has won the 2011 Australian Family Therapists' Award for Children's Literature for her book, Always Jack. 

Susanne is a writer I have long admired, not only for her talent but for her commitment, both through her work and personally, to advocacy on a range of issues, from bullying to the fight against violence towards children. She is also heavily involved in many arts organisations and is a staunch advocate for the importance of all arts in the lives of children.

Susanne has written a lovely blog post to say thank you for all the congratulatory messages she is receiving, from all quarters. Susanne, the praise is very well deserved. Enjoy it!

The Cancer Council of Australia has also endorsed the book, saying, ‘Susanne Gervay’s ‘Always Jack’ makes it safe for children, parents and the wider community to talk about cancer.’

Always Jack is a gorgeous book and hopefully this award will give it the publicity it deserves and bring its message to a wider audience, particularly those affected by the issues it so touchingly examines.

Congratulations once more to Susanne!

The following is the media release produced by Susanne's publisher, Harper Collins:

HarperCollins are thrilled to announce that Susanne Gervay’s Always Jack has won the 2011 Australian Family Therapists’ Award for Children’s Literature.

Susanne Gervay, awarded an OAM for Children’s Literature and Professional Organisations,  is recognised for her books on social justice reaching young people, families and communities.

Part survival manual, part therapy, part autobiography, part fiction, Always Jack succeeds in distilling a complex medical conditions for young readers to digest. The Sun Herald Book Review says, ‘Beautiful, sad, funny – Always Jack will make you laugh and make you cry. Guaranteed. Carrying the NSW Cancer Council’s stamp of approval, Jack’s story will stay with readers always.’

Susanne Gervay is an award-winning Australian author and a specialist in child development. Her much-loved and bestselling I Am Jack has become a classic on school bullying, reaching adults and children alike. Her most recent young adult book, That’s Why I Wrote This Song, was written in collaboration with her daughter, Tory.  Susanne’s books have appeared on the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Notable Books list and I Am Jack is endorsed by Life Education Australia, the Alannah & Madeline Foundation and Room to Read.

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