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Friday 30 September 2022

Playing with Pigs, Pugs and Parades

A keen and dedicated fan of Book Week and the magic of dressing up, Loretta Brazendale is back as a wonderful Book Week Fairy with a costume that  celebrates multiple books and with a puggish companion to accompany her.

© Loretta Brazendale

This week’s blog has inspiration from my best friend’s son Liam. Liam absolutely loves books. When I was last visiting them, Liam and I read many books and we spoke about what we were going to dress up as for Book Week. When I was designing my Book Week Fairy Costume I thought of Liam and some of the books that we had read together to put on my dress. I know Liam really wanted me to dress as The Wonky Donkey however I made sure the The Wonky Donkey book featured on my dress, along with Pig the Pug, Liam’s other favourite book which we have read many times. 

© Loretta Brazendale

Pig the Pug is a favourite book amongst the children and so funny and cute. Aaron Blabey writes books children like, but grownups don’t mind reading, too. Such a sense of humour combined with character. Pig the Pug has many fun stories to tell, and I thought I would share my thoughts on the amazing “Pig the Pug” stories. 

Also, a big happy birthday to Liam today and I hope you enjoy the blog Liam that you inspired me to write. 

Pig the Pug Scholastic, 2016

Pig is a rude pug who doesn't want to share his toys with another dog (that does kind of remind me of my dog Tilly). The whole story has a wonderful rhythm, and the amazing illustrations are playful and silly. I love Pig's attitude, facial expressions, and dialogue, and the lesson he eventually learns about sharing with friends. A great story to read out loud to children as you are guaranteed loud laughter. 

Pig the Stinker aka Pig the Grub Scholastic, 2019/2018

This book is so true to life that dogs don’t like to get baths. My dogs act exactly like Pig, so I get it. He ends up causing the bathroom to explode!! After that he has no problem taking baths but still finds a way to be foul! The rhymes are spot on, the story is funny, and the illustrations on point. A story to make anyone laugh that should be on all our shelves at home especially if you are a dog lover. 

Pig the Star Scholastic, 2017

Pig thinks he's hot stuff. He doesn't treat his friend, Trevor, very well, either. On a photo shoot, Pig is always hogging the shots, sometimes bumping or pushing or shoving Trevor out of the picture.
Pig’s friend Trevor is a dachshund. Pig is mean to Trevor, calling him "Salami" and a "sausage-shaped pest". But, one day, the photographer notices how cute Trevor is. Soon, Trevor is the star. I do feel sorry for Trevor the dachshund with the name calling but my friend does have a dachshund named “Kransky” (not sure how Trevor would feel about this)
Pig finally learns a lesson about stardom and jealousy and treating your friends right.

Pig the Winner Scholastic, 2018

Pig the pug is at it again finding ways to irritate his friend, Trevor. In this picture book, Pig is outrageously competitive. Pig challenges Trevor in who can eat the fastest. Pig chokes on his bowl and it's Trevor to the rescue! After this incident, Pig learns to play a little more fairly. Parents will love this book as it’s a great way to teach children that not everything in life is a race and to always treat one another with kindness and fairness. The rhyme of the book is very engaging. I would definitely recommend this book. 

Pig the Elf Scholastic, 2016

I just love Christmas for the decorations, the spirit and joy. But Pig, he loves Christmas because of the presents, presents, and presents. His list this year is extra-long and Pig doesn't want to go to sleep so Santa can come. He wants his presents now so decides to stay up all night.

As a greedy pug, Pig isn't happy with the number of gifts he's given and is mad at Santa. I have a feeling Pig will be on the naughty list next year. Pig is the perfect example of how you shouldn't act on Christmas. The illustrations are just beautiful, and the story is hilarious.

Loretta Brazendale

Information Services Coordinator
Burnie Library | Libraries Tasmania 

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  1. Love your article, but love your Book Week Dress even more!