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Saturday 15 December 2018

Great reads for Summer

Looking for some entertaining reading for the family this Summer? Check out Maureen’s suggestions and you’ll be sure to find something to intrigue the kids.

      Christmas Picks

Invisible Jerry by Adam Wallace and Aska 
Great story for allowing quiet retiring people – children and adults – to see that they too can find the right companion.
Kung-fu Kangaroo By Merv LamingtonKung Fu Kangaroo by Merv Lamington and Allison Langton
Chops wants to become a kung fu champion but so much of her body doesn’t allow her to achieve what she wants.
Why I Love Summer by Michael Wagner and Tom Jellett
Focus on an Australian summer – beach, cricket, sprinklers. Mum and dad at home.
  Charlie by Ronojoy Ghosh
Charlie the lion disguises himself by adding a moustache, and now longer makes people afraid of him, so he is able to have a great day out at restaurants, art class, travelling
There’s a Baddie Running Through this Book by Shelly Unwin and Vivienne To
All the animals chase the baddie all through the pages of the book until he is captured by the police force.
Rabbit, the Dark and the Biscuit Tin by Nicola O’Byrne
Rabbit doesn’t want to go to bed so captures the dark in the tin. What are the consequences of constant daylight? The dark finally convinces Rabbit that aa really good part of the day is going to bed and a bedtime story
The Elephant by Jenni Desmond
Wonderful look at this endangered animal, with facts presented in fun and accessible formats using collage, paint and coloured pencil. Adults will love it as much as kids do.
Girl on Wire by Lucy Estela and Elise Hunt
An allegorical presentation of the tightrope we all walk on our journey from childhood to adulthood, and how we are helped by friends along the way. Will engender lots of discussion with young readers – picture book, not for the very young.
Giraffe Problems by Jory John and Lane Smith
Giraffe is so conscious of his neck and tries to hide it. But how can he do so? Tortoise helps him see that he doesn’t need to. Great illustrations from the masterful Lane Smith.
My Little Gifts by Jo Witek and Christine Roussey 
A fun book with flaps to encourage reader involvement but also with a strong message that we can give other people our time and friendship and that these are more important than buying ‘things’.
Dragon Post by Emma Yarlett
Alex doesn’t know how to deal with the dragon he finds under the stairs so he writes letters asking for advice. The replies comes from the fire brigade, the butcher and others who suggests fun solutions. A story of friendship.

Maureen Mann
Retired teacher librarian and avid reader
Image result for christmas decorationA Christmas message from your editors 
Wishing all our readers best wishes for Christmas and a time of peace, friendship and good will over the festive season. On behalf of our readers I would like to also thank our blog contributors from near and far who have so willingly shared their joy of reading and passion for children’s literature to entertain, educate and challenge us at times.
We will be back . . . see you in the New Year!

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