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Saturday 18 August 2018

Book Week Displays from Afar

At the start of Book Week for 2018 we have some displays and inspiration from several teacher librarians enrolled in Literature Across the Curriculum, one of their Charles Sturt University's Master of Education (Teacher Librarianship) subjects. These students are currently juggling their first assessment task along with their busy lives as TLs at the start of Book Week - so a special thank you!

Book Week Activities at the
Australian International School in Singapore

Amanda-Jane Fairey, Teacher Librarian.

We just started back at school in mid July and I launched our run up to Book Week by reading Florette by Anna Walker to the Year 1 and 2 classes.  I tied it in to the units of inquiry; Year 1 are looking at how artists are inspired by nature. Year 2 are looking at Role Models and inspiration in general. So Florette hits both of those in so many ways. All of our students can relate to poor little Mae, moving house and being surrounded by piles of boxes, being ex-pat children here in Singapore. We were inspired by Mae and have decided we need more plants in our library. We have begun creating an ivy plant, snaking around the Book Week display, with each student, 550 of them, making an ivy leaf.  We are excited to see if it will reach the door of the library.

I have chosen A Walk in the Bush by Gwyn Perkins as our featured book for the Book Week Assembly. With the help of our IT support teacher we are making our own video of the book, inspired by the Story Box Library version, read by Lyall Brooks. We are holding a competition to make the most realistic bird calls; kookaburra, cockatoo, minor bird, or magpie. These will be incorporated into the sound track for our video. The winners and highly mentioned will be presented with a book in the Book Week Assembly. All very exciting. 

Book Week at Maraylya Public School, NSW
Andrena Sadler, Teacher Librarian, Maraylya Public School.

I took our theme, not of pirates, but a current student's love of The Hobbit and my sister painted the dragon Smaug. He covers our back wall and I used brown paper to create a cave interior, with Smaug peering/leering in. Using treasure boxes, I have filled with treasure - jewels & BOOKS.  Teachers will be bringing in their own personal treasure to be used as a guessing competition during Book Week celebrations. 

We have read Mopoke by Philip Bunting and Kindergarten made the mope with boggle eyes. Using the Ipswich TL CBCA resource book, Year 4 created their own Mopoke and drew onto bunting - great ideas like Unipoke (a unicorn and mopoke). 5/6 loved Don't Lick this Book by Idan Ben-Barak so they created a microbe using paint on the computer. To finish off are monsters from I Just Ate my Friend by Heidi McKinnon. During our celebration, each class is creating a treasure hunt to be completed with Grandparents/parents. This will be followed by a book parade, -everyone is looking forward to this. As staff, we are dressing as explorers - to seek out our treasure (we dress to a theme).

Book fair also on this day, but will run for the week, open every morning & afternoon. Professional performance the next week, ours is called 'Treasure Hunt' I have also had each class discuss with me 'The best book they have every read and treasure' - and they love to know what is your favourite & what you are reading. The Ipswich Teacher librarian resource book is a great fount of ideas. Many ideas from other librarians on NSW School Library Matters (if you are able to join- Winnie Mak very creative ideas for celebrating books. Both Mopoke & Don't Lick this Book activities were her ideas).

Find your Treasure at Figtree Public School, NSW

Elisha Darby, Teacher Librarian

Set sail to find your treasure!

It's a Treasure Hunt at Irrawang Public School, NSW

Michelle Lynch, Teacher Librarian