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Saturday 15 August 2015

Interacting with the book

This week, Tasmanian judge, Tricia Scott, considers the engagement of 'choose your own adventure' stories.

One of the joys of reading and sharing picture books is the interaction that the experience generates. Pages can be flipped backward and forward to revisit favourite illustrations; rhythmic text and key lines can be recited by young and old; and alternate adventures or endings can be explored. As children move into more text-based books the reading process can often become solitary – yes, novels can be read aloud and shared - but often the reader starts at the beginning and works their way through to the end and then reflects on the experience. 

The re-emergence of  ‘choose your own adventure’ style novels enables readers to again be part of the story as they have the opportunity to determine the course of the plot and ultimately the ending. This format of book can also be shared over-and-over again. 

The following titles are examples of this format.

You Choose series by George Ivanoff  - a range of titles for Primary to Lower Secondary in the traditional format of ‘choose your own adventure’.

To entice reluctant readers a series based on the computer game of the same name: Temple run, run for your life?

For much younger readers two wonderful books by Nick Sharratt and Pippa Goodhart that can be shared many times – You choose and Just imagine.

Happy Reading!

Tricia Scott

Teacher Librarian

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