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Saturday 24 January 2015

The complete work

When sharing and responding to children’s literature we are usually referring to a finished product, in most cases a book, however the process that lead to the physical item should also be examined to determine quality and excellence - how it evolved from an initial idea to being captured by an author’s and/or illustrator’s imagination and finally designed and published as a complete work.  

There are several books aimed at young readers that explore this creative process as well as encourage and provide inspiration to budding authors.
For very young readers Parsley Rabbit’s book about books by Frances Watts and David Legge, is a wonderful introduction to the world of books and its components. 

More detailed information on how books are created and the people involved in the process is presented in Eileen Christelow’s book What do authors and illustrators do?

If you are looking for writing inspiration try the practical activity book Once upon a slime: 45 fun ways to get writing fast! by the popular duo Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton;  or explore Scholastics’ online Story starters  to generate fun, crazy themes and start writing and publishing on the templates provided.

Tricia Scott

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