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Sunday 1 June 2014

The Lure of a Library

In hindsight a camping trip during the recent school holidays probably wasn’t the best idea.  Autumn weather in Tasmania is unpredictable and unfortunately for my family our tenting experience was extremely cold and miserably wet.  Having exhausted all entertainment opportunities on one particular dreary day we headed back to the cold confines of the tent.  With several hours of daylight left until we could snuggle in sleeping bags we decided to visit the local library. 
Rugged up with coats, hats and scarves we entered the warm, welcoming library Other families like ours had also sought refuge from the weather: children sprawled on the floor reading; puzzles and games were being played whilst parents read; and, much to my children’s relief, Internet access.  My chance find was a wonderful fantasy book by Marissa Burt, Storybound

Twelve year old Una Fairchild discovers an old book in the basement of the school library, curiously the first page is titled: “The Tale of Una Fairchild”. Una is suddenly transported into the Land of Story, a world of villains, heroes and fairytale characters.  In her quest to find her place in the story Una uncovers dark secrets of Story’s past and with her new found companions searches for a way to save it.

Locating a library whilst on holiday or travelling is an opportunity to browse the collection, explore local history and access the Internet.  It also provides a free, safe haven for everyone, locals and visitors alike – a service that I very much appreciate.

Tricia Scott

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