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Monday 2 April 2012

The National Year of Reading - Penny Garnsworthy

The National Year of Reading 2012 was launched in Canberra on 14 February and in an effort to turn Australia into a nation of readers its three goals are:

1. For all Australians to understand the benefits of reading as a life skill and a catalyst for wellbeing.

2. To promote a reading culture in every home.

3. To aim for families, parents and caregivers to share books with their children every day.

Reading is something most of us began when we were young and which for many of us has become a lifelong habit; one we relish. We read for education, for vocation, for enlightenment and just plain enjoyment. I love nothing more than losing myself in a good book, and losing time along with it.

But there are those, who for whatever reasons, haven’t grown up with books or learned to love them. Maybe their parents didn’t read or have books in the house when they were young and school text books are all they remember; or they spent so much time on the playing field they rarely ventured indoors; or their interest lies more in technology or electronic gadgets.

At a recent BBQ the subject of e-books came up, not that we had been discussing books at all, it just came up. One of the diners said they owned an e-reader and that they found it so convenient to carry it in their bag and bring it out when they were in a waiting room, on a bus or at the hairdresser. Personally, I would have done this with a paperback (I also own a Kindle). A friend who has never been a ‘reader’ now has a Kindle and not only does he constantly use it while travelling but he also finds himself reading more traditional books as well. So the point is, if reading electronically encourages people to take up, or even expand, their reading, that’s fantastic and we should encourage it, especially in The National Year of Reading.

So, get into your library, your bookstore, your bookcase or on-line and let’s try to reach those three goals in 2012. And if you need any encouragement just go to the website: http://www.love2read.org.au/

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