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Thursday 16 February 2012

Judging a book by its cover - Nella Pickup

I admit to being shallow. When I receive a proof with a bland beige cover or find that one of my favourite authors has an uninspiring cover, the book tends to go to the bottom of my pile..

Looking through my book shelves, I’m astounded at the many different versions of the same title. Would I have enjoyed Jasper Jones more if I’d seen the more realistic cover first?

Food stain rating – very messy as it took so long to finish

If you saw this cover, would you think it a fantasy romance instead of a CIA thriller/time travelling romance?

Quick light read – maybe some coffee stains between breakfast and lunch.

Is the word “wonder” always depicted in blue?

Don’t eat while reading Wonderstruck – you need booth hands to hold the pages open to see the detailed drawings.

Tear stains – an emotional read – look for it when it comes out in March

Great book but three teens running through a paddock?

Look along your shelves. What appeals to you? Are you more likely to have a book with water on the cover? Do you like realistic or stylised images?

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  1. Fascinating post! And it'd be interesting to hear the reactions of the young adults these are targeting.