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Thursday 2 June 2011

What are you reading this weekend?

Looks like it's going to be a pretty soggy weekend in Launceston!

Luckily, I'm just about to start reading a book I've been meaning to get into for ages.

It's called Loathing Lola and it was written by a then-nineteen-year-old (they make 'em so darn YOUNG these days. Ahem, Steph Bowe. Ahem Alexandra Adornetto), William Kostakis.

Funny, smart, silly and sweet, Loathing Lola documents the ups and downs of being Australia’s newest teenage reality TV star. Sixteen-year-old Courtney Marlow struggles with friends, fame, love, loss and... Lola.

It's funny thinking that, only three years after this book was written, reality TV has kind of fizzled out. Apart from cooking shows (and, to a lesser extent, talent-search shows, which seem to be fading slowly away, too), nobody seems to want to watch people just being their boring selves any more. This doesn't diminish my eagerness to read this novel. I read the first couple of pages before I bought it and laughed so hard I snorted. In the middle of a very quiet book shop. Embarrassing, but a good sign for a thoroughly enjoyable booky experience!

And, if the weather continues to be so gosh-darn repulsive, an enjoyable book experience (and many cups of tea), might be just about the highlight of this grey weekend!

What will you be reading as the rain buckets down and the wind threatens to tear your roof off? Or, if it's sunny where you are, well, I dislike you strongly and wish to throw things at you, but I still want to hear what you're reading!

- Kate G

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  1. Well, it's promising to be a bright sunny weekend up here in BrisVegas, but I'll probably find some time to continue reading GB84 by David Peace. It's a novel about the 1984 Miners Strike in Britain.