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Saturday 25 August 2018

Book Week Close to Home

Tasmanian schools have revelled during the past week in various takes and interpretations of finding their treasure. It is wonderful to see the creativity, dedication and amazing work of school libraries around the state creating the magic that surrounds reading for pleasure and engaging with a treasure trove of literature. We conclude this week's post from a little further afield with a Victorian contribution that didn't quite make last week's entries.

MacKilliop Catholic College
Tricia Scott, Teacher Librarian and past CBCA Awards Judge

Book Week at MacKillop Catholic College was an opportunity to encourage students into the library and to renew their acquaintance with the collection, new resources and, in particular, the CBCA shortlisted titles. Displays were created to entice students with footprints leading up the stairwell in order for them to Find Your Treasure.
Up! To Book Week! 

A presentation was delivered to all Year 7 students as part of the Literacy Program focussing on the CBCA judging process as well as the sharing of some of the shortlisted titles.  The Early Childhood picture books were very popular and students’ attention was ensured by the Readers’ Cup element of the session using the questions developed by the Awards Sub-committee. Many thanks to the Tasmanian Branch for ensuring our school was aware of the array of resources available for promoting and enjoying Book Week.

Smithton Primary School
Thanks to Cindy Mathewson

St Thomas More’s Catholic Primary School
Rebecca Thomas - Librarian

Book Week is a time of great celebration at St Thomas More’s. Both students and staff embraced this year’s theme “Find Your Treasure” as we looked to find new book treasures and rediscover old favourites.  The Library was decorated with treasure chests filled with books, treasure maps and pirate ships.  During our Library lessons, we shared the shortlisted books and voted for our favourites in each category.  Members of our leadership team visited classrooms to share their favourite children’s books.  Students participated most enthusiastically in a Library Hunt (courtesy of Susan Stephenson www.thebookchook.com) and in our dress-up parade. Each student was presented with a CBCA bookmark as a memento. 

The Friends' School

Katie Stanley & Sharon Molner, Teacher Librarians

It's a Mopoke!

St. Mary’s College, Hobart

Marylouise Jones, Teacher Librarian

Beautiful books, beautiful costumes and a beautiful library!

This amazing week for celebrating books is almost over, but here at St. Mary’s College, I know that the thrill will continue well into what’s left of 2018. Yesterday’s book parade allowed the students, school and our Student Resource Centre to sparkle. As I watched everyone parade, I smiled from ear to ear in awe and appreciation of the support, commitment and enthusiasm our school community has for this event and what it represents. The dressing up is a small part of what we herald this week; colouring in competition, poster design, book fair, debate, ‘pets with their favourite books’ photos and treasure hunt; all help encourage our students to embrace their love of literature. In the library we opted to run with a fairly literal display of this year’s theme…a fun thing to play with.

A treasure map for students to follow as they enter the space, and a chocolate coin upon completion of a treasure hunt…who could resist that kind of fun??? The library staff and junior school classes voted on the books they thought would win this year…fascinating to sit back and listen to their reasons for selection…looking at the photo, you will notice we weren’t on point for a couple!!

Mr McGregor & Peter Rabbit

The bunting created by each junior school student submitting a flag with their favourite book written upon it, helps create a vibrant space. All in all, this week reminds us that our library helps connect our K-12 cohort with a common thread; a love for books and reading. It is a hub of the school that offers everyone an opportunity to immerse themselves in learning, and I am grateful for the talented, professional library staff we have to making this place the fabulous and successful resource that it is.

    Moses parts the Red Sea                           Winnie the Pooh and Friends


Orchard Road Primary School, Victoria

Ruth Thatcher, Teacher Librarian

Brrrr! Penguins in Antarctica!

Editor's Note: What a fantastically creative array of book displays and activities. Many thanks to the teacher librarians and fellow library staff that help make Book Week such as wonderful and special celebration of children's literature. And from all our readers - Thank you for sharing!


  1. What fun!! Well done librarians especially our fabulous SMC staff.

  2. Thanks for sharing all the Book Week celebrations throughout the schools. The interpretations of the 2018 theme and costumes are quite amazing as each school community reflects the uniqueness and diversity. Most importantly it is great to see students and staff having fun reading and sharing the joy of books. Thanks to all the schools who participated in making this year's Book Week such a success.

  3. A favourite part of the lead up to Book Week (when I was a primary school TL) was voting for the winners. I don't think anyone ever managed to pick them all. I rarely picked any. Another favourite part was seeing how my opinion on short-listed titles changed as I shared them multiple times, with students from K-6, and received their feedback - especially when they loved something that I didn't enjoy - led to great discussions!