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Friday 24 November 2023

Pick a Book for Summer Reading

This week, we have the expertise of Bronwyn from Hobart Bookshop, to share an exciting and fascinating selection of new titles for all ages from the very young through to young adults, with some Tasmanian titles also in the mix. Don't forget to shop local for your Christmas purchases!

As we approach the end of the year, encompassing Christmas and summer holidays, it is an excellent opportunity for embarking on adventures and relishing the outdoors. Numerous new releases during this time foster imagination and social interaction with friends, animals, and nature, serving as ideal reading companions to spark inspiration throughout the holiday season. The curated books listed below each promote active involvement in seeking adventures and appreciating the natural world.

Have you Seen a Monotreme (Coates & Neyland, 2023, Forty South)
The beautifully written and illustrated picture book Have you Seen a Monotreme by Tasmanian author Hannah Coates and Illustrator Claire Neyland is a lovely book for anyone who has ever walked along a river or creek hoping to see a platypus.  With an underlying theme of belonging, it is a delightful story to share with younger readers.

Dragon Girls and Dragon Games series by Maddy Mara (Scholastic)
For younger readers there are two magical series written by Maddy Mara Dragon Girls and Dragon Games which provide an exciting and accessible introduction into chapter book reading, perfect for children who have the interest but are not yet ready for older series such as ‘Wings of Fire’.  These books have been very popular with the younger readers.  The Dragon Girls series releases book 12 this December with Sofie the Lagoon Dragon while Dragon Games saw the release of book 3, The Battle for Imperia in November.

Finding Wonder (St John, 2023, Allen & Unwin)
The much-loved author Lauren St John has a new middle fiction title Finding Wonder.  An uplifting and beautiful story combing adventure, mystery and horses which are favourite themes for many readers.  This new story will not disappoint any reader who has enjoyed previous Lauren St John titles or classic stories such as Black Beauty.

Keeper of the Lost Cities (Messenger, 2023, Simon & Schuster)
The very popular children’s book series Keeper of the Lost Cities #1 has been given another life in graphic novel format.  With engaging colourful graphic illustrations, the new version will allow children to reengage with the series and is also a way to introduce more reluctant readers to the stories.  The transition from graphic novel to chapter book sometimes being easier once interest in a book has already been established.

The Diemen Alexander (Heitz, 2023, Clan Destine Press)
Written by Tasmanian author Marie Heitz (also a Doctor, ultra marathon runner and Tuba player) for the YA age range, this selection can also be enjoyed by adults.  The story is in the sci-fi genre and is set in Hobart, it involves the rescue of a lizard on kunanyi which may turn out to be a lost Tasmanian dinosaur.  Featuring zoology, comparative anatomy and venture capitalism it has been expertly researched by Marie with assistance from TMAG and is a blend of science and ethics which combine to make a truly original story.  

The Trees (Steffensen, 2023, Hardie Grant)
For children with an interest in building their knowledge of Indigenous knowledge and practices The Trees by Victor Steffensen, is due to be released at the end of November.  The theme of the book is the understanding of the balance required between giving and taking from the land, and details how First Nations People have cared for the trees on Country and in return have been rewarded with the gifts that trees provide.

Against the Odds (Humphreys, 2023)
The holidays can be a time for adventure and Against the Odds; The Incredible Struggles of 20 Great Adventurers by Alastair Humphreys details how 20 different adventurers overcame adversity and failure to ultimately succeed in their extraordinary journeys in space, oceans, deserts and jungles.  The aim of the book is to inspire adventure and confidence that all people despite our many differences are capable of great things.

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  1. Yesterday a staff member shared that she was currently reading one book from the Wings of Fire series. She was surprised I hadn't heard of them...me too, as I love dragons...and then today the series comes up in the blog...The Baader-Meinhof phenomenon at work (so great to have a term that encapsulates that experience).