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Saturday 14 January 2017

What will you pick?

Maureen takes a great idea, InkyBINGO, and provides inspiration to help you adapt it to your own reading needs.
Have you liked the CBCA Tasmanian FB page? If not, you won’t have seen a recent post shared from Inside a Dog, the State Library of Victoria’s YA page. It was called InkyBINGO:  a way to help people choose something fantastic to read. It may be outside one’s comfort zone, but a great way to choose new books over the holidays.
It got me thinking, which of course was the whole point. What would I choose for each of the sections? Which of the options would I change? So, my thanks to Inside a Dog and because I read more than just Young Adult, I want to include something for picture books and Younger Readers. But also my apologies for manipulating their idea.
However, rather than telling you what I would remove, here’s my list of topics I would consider including. What topics and their titles would you keep and what would you want to change? What would you choose for each of the options?
  • The best picture book of 2016
  • My favourite illustrator
  • Great for me, but not all reviews agreed
  • Don’t judge a book by its cover
  • New (to me) author
  • Information book spectacular
  • Suggestion from someone else
  •  A book which references new areas: music, art or other authors
  • e-book
  • Humour
Which of the covers I have shown here fit which section? Have fun exploring your own and let us know what you would change or add as well as what you would choose for any section.
Happy reading!
Maureen Mann
Retired teacher librarian and avid reader


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