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Sunday 10 May 2015

In Their Own Words

In Their Own Words: A multimedia, interdisciplinary performance project created for the ANZAC Centenary. 
Performed 23-28 April 2015 in the Oratory Space at Dominic College.

Dominic College received both a Commonwealth and State Anzac Centenary Grant to research, write and produce this original youth theatre production based on the 281 names on our Glenorchy War Memorial. Dominic College was the only school in Tasmania to be a recipient of both grants which supported this unique integrated learning project for students involving Humanities, Dance, Drama, Media Studies, Visual Arts, Music and Applied Studies. 

The main focus was the Glenorchy War Memorial, showing the names of those who fought in the Great War. Students in Year 9 last year started their researching from these names. One of the prime aims was to find photographs of each of those people named, and many local families shared information and photographs supporting the research. LINC Tasmania developed a gateway to relevant resources in recognition of the centenary and was also a valuable source of information.

InTheir Own Words was an memorable recognition of the contribution, the danger, the happiness and the sadness of those who participated in the war effort all wrapped up into one outstanding performance. The commitment from the staff and students involved was exceptional and we will never drive past the Glenorchy War Memorial again without remembering the sacrifice of the ‘diggers.’

The re-creation of the ANZAC buffet was located in a separate space nearby. During interval all audience members were encouraged to partake of tea and scones. Staff and students provided this service and were joined by many members of the cast, who assisted with the hospitality in this authentic settingThe layout, stories, pictures and hospitality were perfect and helped take visitors through a time warp to the ANZAC days.

Chris Donnelly
Teacher Librarian, Dominic College

Editor's note. So often we focus on published works for children, it is heartening to read of students who can apply the rigours of historical research to recreate significant stories from the past.

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